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Ajera Help Desk

At the core of Axium's quality services is our Technical Support team, focused solely on Ajera and AE best practices.

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Client Support Center

The Axium Client Support Center is a password-protected site with around-the-clock access to Knowledgebase articles, video lessons, user account information and recent product updates. Whether you need help with an accounting challenge or want to find role-based training, the Client Support Center is packed full of useful information.


Technical Expert

Ajera Learning Center

Our award-winning Learning Center contains overviews and step-by-step instructions on how to use Ajera. The information is organized by job role to provide user specific, task assistance. Online self-guided courses are available to walk you through conceptual information about how Ajera works. You'll also find release notes, Ajera publications and account summaries.



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The implementation really went smoothly; our Axium consultant was very helpful and since that time, I've used the online KnowledgeBase, online help information, and Axium's Help Desk and been able to rate them excellent."
- Jacque Thompson, CFO, Burleson Consulting, Inc.