Project Management Boot Camp

Learn Project Management best practices and how to leverage Ajera's project management tools
to improve your firm's project profitablilty and efficiency.

The Ajera Project Management Boot Camp is designed for AE firms like yours interested in learning project management best practices and how to leverage Ajera’s project management capabilities to maximize project success and firm profitability. Your firm will have the opportunity to work in a private setting with a dedicated certified project management consultant. Firm leaders, project managers and other key stakeholders involved in project delivery should attend. All content for the onsite boot camp will be tailored to your firm’s needs and you will work with your firm’s actual data and projects. This enables participants to quickly assimilate information and more easily implement what they’ve learned afterward.

Project Management Boot Camp Outline

The onsite event includes a full day of personalized, hands on training. Your PM consultant will tailor topics to your firm’s needs:

Project Creation Best Management Practices (BMP)

Work breakdown structure (WBS) discussions, business development (BD) setup, cost tracking, win rates, reporting, accounting involvement, invoicing, financials, principal oversight and reports.

Project Budgeting Methods and Techniques

Project budget analysis and planning, project manager (PM) training on project templates and budgeting, and post project performance training.

Resource Scheduling BMP

Resource scheduling analysis and planning, PM training on schedule manager, and reporting.

BD and Resource Pool Workload Projections BMP

Principal and PM training on project and employee pool workloads or full-time equivalent (FTE) inputs, and analysis.

Project Maintenance

PM training on transaction reviews, PM training on project status meetings, PM training on reported percent complete (RPC) and earned value analysis (EVA), custom inquiry and report design.

Paperless Billing

Billing analysis and planning, meeting with accounting, PM training on paperless billing, and custom invoice design.

Project Financials Reports

Principal and PM training on expected versus actual project performance reports. Profitability/margins, and other related data by project manager, client, project type, and department (sector and services areas).

PM Boot Camp Process – What to Expect

Your Project Management consultant will work with you through all phases of the Project Management Boot Camp:

Step 1: Planning and Discovery

Your PM consultant will meet with you to get a clear understanding of your business operations, project management requirements and goals to tailor the boot camp specifically to your firm’s needs.

Step 2: Data Review

In the data review meeting, your PM consultant will examine your project set up, current data, and security roles to ensure your project managers and other key stakeholders have access to the right information and tools for success.

Step 3: Templates and Security

Your PM consultant will discuss the results of the data review and provide recommendations for improvements. Typically this involves discussion about projects, budgeting, dashboards, templates and business development.

Step 4: Planning

Your PM consultant will develop a plan and create an agenda for the onsite boot camp. Together you will review and finalize the agenda to ensure a plan for success. The final agenda will be sent to your firm for distribution prior to the onsite training.

Step 5: PM Training

The onsite event includes a full day of personalized, hands on training tailored to your firm’s needs. The topics your PM consultant will cover include: Project Management Best Practices, Project Templates and Setup, Resource Management and Scheduling, Project Maintenance, Invoicing and Dashboards/Widgets.

Many of the breakthrough benefits of Ajera are achieved when projects managers at a firm learn to use the full functionality of the system to manage all aspects of their projects.

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Meet the Ajera Consulting Team

Val Higgins

Val Higgins
Certified Senior Project Management Consultant

Val has over 25 years of management experience in the A/E consulting industry; including contract negotiation, resource management, and project management. As a former Controller and Managing VP of a consulting engineering firm, Val is able to bring to each of her engagements, both the accounting and project management perspectives of what it takes to be successful in business management. As a Project Management Consultant, Val works with clients to help them maximize the project management tools in Ajera.

Phone: 571/306.5936

Client Testimonials

“The project management boot camp we went through with Jason Jaworski was well worth the money. If you have 10 or more people to attend, I would suggest doing a private boot camp at your business. We did, and it was specifically catered to our business and our live files. Very helpful!”

– Jeannette Ayres, VP of Operations, ZAP Engineering

“At Merjent, we are growing an 80 person environmental services firm specializing in environmental permitting. We use the latest Ajera tools as our accounting and finance solution. We discovered a need to increase our PM engagement to promote better business analytics at the project and organizational levels.

We asked our PM consultant to help us develop a training solution that could concisely present Ajera tools in a consumable manner that would garner immediate benefits for our PM group. Our consultant did a wonderful job in guiding us through the process from pre-planning to training day. He kept us in the loop at every stage leaving no stone unturned. All this, using our local data which helped PM’s from a contextual point of view. We were very pleased with the experience and would highly recommend the investment.”

– Jeff Miron, Senior Cost Analyst, Merjent

“Our PM consultant came to our facility to put our project managers through a one-day boot camp and it was well worth it. It allowed us to get everyone in the same room at the same time so that everyone benefited from the questions asked as well as one on one time with Jason. He was willing to spend whatever time was needed to make sure the training was effective. After the training, the project managers were able to immediately implement what they had learned. I would recommend this boot camp training to any business that involves project management.”

– Brent Graves, COO, Sesco Group

“WDG Architecture, a multi-office architectural and interior design firm headquartered in Wash, DC, invested into Ajera a little over a year ago. Recently, we had a one day PM seminar with our management staff. The objective was to address, attack and conquer profitability as a top priority, using Ajera's interactive tools. The consultant’s real world and Ajera consulting experience was a perfect mix for meeting and exceeding those goals.”

– Jeff Nees, CFO, WDG Architecture

“Thank you very much for the training session. The attendees learned a lot and dived right in to implement some of the lessons learned. I really think it was a successful event.”

– Mary Ellen Timmes, CFO &HR Director, Peak Environmental Inc.

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