Ajera Consulting Services

Our Consulting team has helped thousands of A&E firms transition to Ajera, as well as provide ongoing services to ensure the firm is getting the most out of the Ajera platform. Whether you need help training new Ajera users, streamlining processes, getting project managers more engaged or implementing best practices, our consultants are ready to work with you.

Business Needs Assessment for Ajera Clients

Axium offers a comprehensive business needs assessment to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their Ajera investment. The business needs assessment process includes:

  • Data Set Review
  • Onsite Visit and Interviews
  • Best Practices and Opportunities Report Generation
  • Report Review and Questions Meeting

Axium Financial Statement & Reconciliation Health Check

Reconciliation should be a top priority for every A&E firm. As a best practice, Axium recommends that our clients reconcile monthly to ensure the accuracy of financial statements and that the system is in balance. In a Reconciliation Health Check an Axium consultant will:

  • Perform a Data Review that includes a full assessment of your financial statements, process workflows and system set up
  • Evaluate all of your control accounts and ensure that subledgers tie to the general ledger
  • Discuss the results of the Data Review, evaluate options with you and recommend next steps
  • Train your staff to prevent further reconciliation problems and promote best practices
  • Provide a crash course to you and your external accountant on the Ajera accounting workflow and report generation
  • Provide additional maintenance or coaching services if required

New Hire Training Program

The Axium New Hire Training program is designed for new employees, existing employees taking on additional roles, or employees interested in refining their Ajera skills in specific areas. The sessions are one-on-one with an Axium Consultant and focus on specific tasks and functions within Ajera. Session Description includes:

  • Time Entry and Processing; Expense Report Entry and Processing
  • Vendor Invoicing/Payments; In-house Expenses
  • Billing Processing; Cash Receipts
  • Project Set-up/Budgeting
  • In-house Payroll Processing
  • Outsourced Payroll Processing
  • Bank Register, Credit Cards and Reconciling
  • Reports and Widgets
  • Monthly and Year-end Reconciliation and Review
  • Security and Set-up

Best Practices Review

Best Practices Review helps you examine your business processes and requirements to better adapt to change, optimize the way your organization uses Ajera and maximize the results you achieve from your investment. This service includes an in-depth best practice review of your Ajera database to identify steps and procedures to maximize the benefits, efficiencies and integrity of your Ajera system. A comprehensive report will provide:

  • Additional training needed
  • Verification of system settings to ensure data and information is tracked accurately
  • Security settings
  • General ledger reconciliation Issues
  • Project management Review to identify current use of resource planning, workload projection, budgeting, project costing methodology, and project profitability reporting
  • Recommendations for maximizing reporting capabilities


Firm Culture and Process Review

Firm Culture and Process Review includes a review of your Ajera database and key reporting needs, and interviews with key individuals within the firm to gain an in-depth understanding of your organizational structure, firm culture and processes. A comprehensive report will provide:

  • Firm-wide rollout and adaptation plan
  • Project Management process evaluation
  • Internal Control Procedures
  • Departmentalization Needs
  • Audit compliancy tests


Project Management Review

Project Management Review provides strategies and best practices for project managers to help them improve client satisfaction and maximize profitability. Included in this service:

  • Evaluation of your current project management processes such as project setup for invoicing and reporting
  • Establishing project budget, resource planning and workload projections
  • Review of project reports to ensure profitability and accurate reporting


Custom Consulting Services

Custom Consulting Services are available to meet your specific needs, whether you are interested in learning new ways of managing projects, creating more opportunities, improving cash flow or getting control over your jobs and turning out better work. Our individualized consulting is ideal for:

  • Firms with multiple locations, disciplines or divisions who want to track profitability based on departments
  • Internal control review, including database security
  • Creating custom invoices, Inquiries, reports and financial statements
  • Database Consolidations from joint ventures, company mergers and acquisitions
  • Database Reconversions, including data restructure, departmentalization additions, reset of beginning balances
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Adoption and Integration, including project setup for IPD, integration method, IPD workflow and internal education


Implementation - Your Path to Success

Axium's team of certified consultants will work with key members of your team to ensure we fully understand your firm's needs during your conversion to Ajera.

A well documented, proven implementation methodology ensures your conversion success. Our professional consultants and data conversion specialists work with your team in the following approach:

Step 1 | Coordination Meeting
We'll set up a meeting between your Axium Certified Consultant and your internal decision makers.

Step 2 | Implementation Planning and Discovery
We'll solidify the scope, identify key stakeholders, review your firm's current structure, culture, procedures, reports, forms and marketing initiatives. We'll also identify risk factors, review resources and set timelines.

Step 3 | Pre-Beginning Balance Date
We have three steps to prepare for going live in Ajera. Set up static information such as clients, vendors, & employees (or get that information converted!). Learn your new processes, including inputting timesheets, generating invoices, processing accounts receivable and payable. Lastly, training your staff on how to use your new accounting and project management software.

Step 4 | Post-Beginning Balance Date
This is a critical time as we help you through your first payroll, billing and month-end reconciliation. Our consultants and support are here to help you each step of the way.

Step 5 | Advanced Features Roll-out
We believe in a staged rollout. We find your project managers and marketing staff prefer to learn better when they work with data that is familiar. Once you've completed your first billing, payroll and month-end reconciliation, we'll help with project management training on EVA, budgeting and estimating, scheduling and resource planning. We can also offer custom report designs if required.

Step 6 | Implementation Close-Out Meeting
Because we are rooted in the AE industry, it's important to us that we use each and every Ajera implementation as an opportunity to learn and improve. This final step of collecting feedback is critical to us and will help our future client implement Ajera smoothly.