In-house or Third Party Payroll Integration

Perform in-house payroll with Ajera or utilize easy integration to outsourced payroll services.

Ajera is a complete accounting and project management solution that now provides an efficient, cost-effective option for processing payroll. Ajera's integrated payroll accounting software eliminates duplicate effort, and streamlines your payroll process. It's easy, fast and accurate – making it the perfect solution for your firm.

Ajera's new payroll saves your firm valuable time by automatically applying your staff's timesheet hours to their payroll check. This process eliminates dual time entry so employees can be more productive and focused on revenue generating projects.

Ajera Payroll Integration

Ajera's payroll accounting software further saves your firm time by calculating all of the necessary earnings, federal, state and local taxes, and deductions. Ajera service plans ensure that your tax tables are always up to date. Providing access to the latest information maintains accuracy and helps avoid filing delays, fines or audits that can come from sending incorrect payroll tax reports.

Ajera's Payroll Benefits

    • Types of pays
    • Deductions
    • Fringe benefits
  • Bank Account Direct deposits
  • Current tax tables
  • Government reporting

Designed for flexibility and ease of use, payroll provides multiple wage rate tables, which allow you to define rates by employee type or activity when working on specific projects, making it the perfect contractor accounting software. To help meet certified reporting requirements, you can track and pay prevailing wages by project.

Ajera's payroll also allows you to choose which dates will be included in your payroll, who to pay, and whether to issue a check or pay by direct deposit. This not only gives your firm the flexibility it needs to make every payroll cycle efficient and timely, buy it also allows you to create out-of-cycle checks for bonus' and other supplemental pays.

To ensure accuracy, all checks can be viewed at the summary or detail level prior to printing. Corrections can easily be made, giving you the control over payroll that you have always wanted.


Ajera is also designed to work with third party payroll accounting software such as ADP, Paychex or QuickBooks in a seamless fashion. Once setup, out-sourcing your payroll is an easy process that provides all the reporting and general ledger tracking that you need.


Learn how Ajera's payroll streamlines your payroll process, saving your firm valuable time.

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