Automatic Email Alerts

A flexible and intuitive solution for automatically sending email alerts

The information you need, sent to you in real-time

Streamline how you communicate internally by sending pre-programmed email alerts through Ajera reporting widgets with information important to the recipient. This convenience greatly reduces the need to manually generate and distribute reports while also providing your team with vital information in real-time.

Alerts can be programmed to be delivered when certain criteria is met such as a project going over budget or at a static frequency such as weekly or monthly. The alert email can include report details, reducing the need for the recipient to access Ajera. If more information is required, the emailed alert can also include a link directly to the actionable location in Ajera.

Automatic Email Alerts

Ajera comes with 15 standard alerts, but the real power comes from the customization capabilities. With Ajera, you are not limited to a certain number or type of alerts. The possibilities to craft alerts to match the exact needs of your business are endless.

Examples of standard alerts included with Ajera:

  • Send the project manager an email alert when a project or phase is approaching budget
  • Inform an employee when they forgot to submit their timesheet
  • Quickly correct timesheet mistakes by automatically letting an employee know when their timesheet has been rejected
  • Keep employee’s expenses in-line by automatically alerting them when an expense has been processed or rejected
  • Speed up the billing process by alerting a project manager or administrator when an invoice needs to be approved or changed
  • Keep up with collections with an alert when an invoice is past due
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