Deltek Ajera

Deltek Ajera was designed to manage the full project lifecycle for A&E firms. A single system controls all aspects of project management and accounting with real-time project information shared across the firm.

Ajera Features


View real-time information specific to each role with easily configurable dashboards.


Enter time or access dashboards from any smart-phone, pad device, or computer.


Simplify your accounting tasks with easy to use accounting tools tailored specifically to AE firms.


Provide your project managers the tools they need to manage projects effectively.


Create invoices tailored to your customers' needs in an efficient, paperless process.


Manage your resources through Ajera Schedule Manager and see real-time resource availability.


Streamline how you communicate internally by sending pre-programmed email alerts through Ajera reporting widgets.


Perform in-house payroll with Deltek Ajera or utilize easy integration to outsourced payroll services.


Ajera has bi-directional integrations to other best in class applications to further your firm's effectiveness.


Axium Cloud

The easiest way to deploy and maintain Ajera. Simplify your Ajera installation and upkeep with the Axium Cloud.

Ajera Dashboards

At-a-glance. Proven. Real-time Business Intelligence!
Be free to manage your business on your terms with Deltek Ajera's flexible dashboards.

DCAA Compliant Accounting Software

  • "Ajera has evolved within our firm - it drives our whole culture. You open it up and you have the project command center. This is how you have to manage your company."

    CSD Engineers, Pittsburgh, PA

  • "The implementation really went smoothly; our Axium consultant was very helpful and since that time, I've used the online KnowledgeBase, online help information, and Axium's Help Desk and been able to rate them excellent."

    Burleson Consulting, Inc., Folsom, CA

  • "People were hungry for information and couldn't get it before. Now they're getting it and they're reacting to it in a very positive way."

    WTW Architects, Colorado Springs, CO

  • "The biggest return on investment we have realized is in peace of mind and trusting our data and financial reporting in Ajera."

    Pulsar Surveying and Engineering, Lakewood, CO

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