M-E Companies saves 150 hours of annual administrative work by PMs resulting in $130k of additional capacity.




PMs saved 2-3 hours per week. At a billable rate of $100/hour, M-E Companies will have an additional $104K to $156K of capacity.

-20 Days


With Ajera's flexible and easy-to-use reporting, M-E Companies shaved 20 days off their average AR outstanding.

-4 Days


Using Paperless Billing Review, the company reduced their invoice period by 4 days.

"Project managers now have more resources that are accurate and timely." - Julie Barber, Accounting Manager

Customer Details

ME Companies

Company: ME Companies
Industry: Management & Engineering
Size: 100 employees
Location: Westerville, OH

Background on ME Companies

Founded in 1973, M-E Companies is a management and engineering firm that works to develop the infrastructure improvements that keep communities functioning and growing. For the past 14 years, M-E Companies has depended on a legacy accounting program to manage their accounting needs. As their company grew, the demands on their accounting staff and project management team to work efficiently were too much to handle.

Summary of the Challenges Prior to Ajera

  • Monthly billing & invoice process was labor intensive.
  • Insufficient audit trail to track changes.
  • Strained relationships between PMs and administrative staff.

Summary of the Benefits of Ajera

  • Saved $130,000/year in administrative time for project managers.
  • Reduced billing turnaround time from several weeks to 24 hours.
  • Reduced AR outstanding from 65 to 45 days.

Before Ajera

The monthly billing process was labor intensive. At the end of every month, M-E Companies had to go through the difficult process of getting all of their invoices out the door. With Protrax, they were required to print every invoice along with all the supporting detail and then distribute them to project managers that were spread across multiple offices. The whole process would take five days for review and approval.

Insufficient audit trail led to delays in invoicing. The audit trail created delays and errors. When invoice edits were required, handwritten notes provided the only audit trail to track changes. This not only led to delays in invoicing, but lack of communication and errors. The information was aged by the time PMs could look at it so making an informed business decision was called into question.

"The snapshot reporting, using start/end dates, workload report, and inquires that help track utilization are tools that have provided an immediate benefit to my team." - Julie Barber, Accounting Manager

Strained relationships between PMs and administrative staff. For project managers, the monthly invoicing period was their only chance to see how their project was progressing financially. They were often caught off guard by unexpected project charges and had to spend additional time hunting down information. These inefficiencies led to tension between project managers and administrative staff. The modules in Protrax effectively "silo'd" PMs and accounting.

"Project managers are loving the tools." - Julie Barber, Accounting Manager


After a thorough evaluation of solutions on the market, M-E Companies decided to move forward with Ajera. Their decision was based on Ajera's real-time project management capabilities, paperless billing review and efficient billing process. As they began the implementation process of their new software, Axium's team of consultants and support staff provided quality training and were always available to answer questions.

Project managers are no longer surprised by unexpected charges on invoices and are better prepared when it's time to review their invoices. Ajera's paperless billing review allows them to see when an invoice is ready for their review and keeps an audit trail of any requested edits and approvals right from Ajera. By eliminating both the invoice surprises as well as printing and faxing of billing reports, project managers are saving two to three hours per week on administrative tasks that they can now allocate to billable time.

Project profitability has improved as a result of project managers spending less time with administrative tasks.

Before and After Ajera Comparison

Chart on Architects Project Profitability


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