Consulting firm increases billable staff by 30% without adding nonbillable manpower using Ajera




Less administrative time for project managers has led to $5,000/month in additional billable time available.

-80 hrs


Estimated savings of 40 hrs./month on payroll and 40 hrs./month on invoicing for the administrative staff.

+30 Staff


Added 30 billable staff members without adding nonbillable manpower, increasing in size from 100 to 130.

"There is no question that Ajera has paid for itself in time savings alone." - Glen Davidson, CFO

Customer Details

Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc.

Company: Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc.
Industry: Consulting, Engineering and Surveying
Size: 130 employees
Location: Joplin, MO

Background on Allgeier, Martin and Associates

Like many other AEC firms, Allgeier Martin was running into issues from relying on QuickBooks for accounting, and a combination of Excel and Access for project management and payroll. They wanted a scalable ERP system that would centralize data and expand dashboard capabilities outward from the accounting department, through to senior management and project managers.

Summary of the Challenges Prior to Ajera

  • Monthly billing process was labor intensive.
  • Project managers were wasting time looking for information.
  • Time and expense entry was painful.

Summary of the Benefits of Ajera

  • Saved 44 hours/month in their invoice generation process.
  • Saved $2,000/month in PM billable time in their electrical division.
  • Saved $2,900/month in PM billable on their civil side.

Before Ajera

After years of success and growth, the company needed real-time visibility into projects, resources and financials, but was limited by its current disparate systems. Too much billable time was wasted on administrative tasks and project issues often went unnoticed until well after the last invoice was sent.

The monthly billing process was labor intensive. After printing billing reports, the details of the invoices had to be inspected for accuracy against an Access database. For project managers, reviewing the invoices was a constant battle of interpreting what their reports and draft invoices were telling them, leading to significant delays and frequent missed billings. When the reviews were complete, the final invoices were created using Word and Excel, adding additional workload to the administrative staff.

"We wanted an accounting solution that was designed for companies like ours. We found that in Ajera." - Glen Davidson, CFO

Project managers were wasting time looking for information. As inefficient as the billing process was, it was typically the only time their project managers were able to review their project status. Using multiple systems increased the time spent by project managers digging through the various reports trying to piece together a snapshot of a project's performance.

Time and expense entry was painful. Employees used Excel to record time, forcing admin staff to re-enter the data into their accounting system. The duplication of effort created more opportunity for error and significantly delayed project reporting. Payroll was a slow, labor-intensive process that caused delays for billing and reporting.

"We can start invoicing sooner and the invoicing process is much faster. We cut our invoicing time in half." - Glen Davidson, CFO


After an extensive evaluation of various software solutions, Allgeier Martin chose Ajera to manage its entire project and financial accounting functions, giving employees easy access to up-to-date information from anywhere. Project managers have the visibility they need into their projects without hours of searching, improving their utilization and delivering more profitable projects.

According to Glen Davidson, CEO, Ajera's Paperless Billing Review allows draft invoices for the month to be adjusted, approved and generated in only one day. Improvements to existing processes like this have caused a dramatic decrease in the accounting staff's need to work overtime hours and eliminated the need to hire additional administrative staff as the firm grew.

Project profitability has improved as a result of project managers spending less time with administrative tasks.

Before and After Ajera Comparison

Chart on Architects Project Profitability


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